Professional Supply and Installation of Caravan Motor Movers in Derby, Nottingham, Doncaster, the whole East Midlands, and wider areas of the West Midlands and South Yorkshire

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Imagine moving your caravan effortlessly, without the physical strain of manoeuvring it manually.


At Perfect Tow, we make this a reality by offering professional installation of caravan motor movers.

These convenient tools allow you to move your caravan with precision without needing to hook up your car, making it really easy to park, move and adjust your caravan.

Our services span across Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Mansfield, the wider East Midlands region, and areas of the West Midlands (like Birmingham) and South Yorkshire (like Doncaster and Sheffield) making it easy for you to move your caravan with just the touch of a button.

Effortless Caravan Movement


Caravan motor movers take the hard work out of manoeuvring your caravan. With this innovative technology, you can comfortably move your caravan onto your drive, pitch, or storage area. Say goodbye to the physical exertion of trying to shift your caravan manually; move it with ease and precision instead.

How Do Caravan Motor Movers Work?


A caravan motor mover is an electronic device fitted to your caravan’s chassis. Once powered up, it connects to rollers attached to your wheels, allowing the caravan to move in your preferred direction, all controlled by a simple remote.

Finding the Right Motor Mover for Your Caravan


To find the right motor mover, it’s essential to know your caravan’s make and model. Different motor movers come with different power levels; heavier caravans require more powerful motors to move seamlessly. For pitches or driveways with a steep gradient, we recommend purchasing a more potent mover. Single axle motors use rollers on two wheels, while double axle motors utilise rollers on all four wheels for optimal movement.

At Perfect Tow, we will work with you to find the perfect motor mover for your caravan and situation.

Browse Our Range of Caravan Motor Movers


We stock a variety of caravan motor movers designed to make manoeuvring your caravan as easy as possible.

Please contact us using the form below or by calling us on 07506154196 to find the perfect one for you.

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